Your guide to Zoospeak.

What is Zoospeak?

Think of it as instant crowdsourcing on any topic, harnessing the power of people everywhere using social media. It's really simple, you ask and answer questions...and view other people's responses. Any kind of question as long as it's brief!

The audience is a growing global collective of people who follow Zoospeak on Twitter and Facebook. The more people you share this with the better the results - it's up to you.

Say you're interested in people's views on whether Elvis is still alive? or, perhaps, whether Barack Obama will be re-elected in 2012? Just go ahead and ask the question!

How it works

  • Someone asks a question on the Zoospeak website
  • The question is checked for bad stuff and originality
  • We tweet and facebook the question
  • Our followers get the question - with a link to answer it
  • Loads of people answer the question
  • You (and the whole world) can view the answers
  • Congratulations you've just harnessed the power of social media!

Our philosophy

Zoospeak is free and anonymous. It's about the free and open exchange of views on any topic, and the value of aggregated responses for identifying trends and public opinion. We could claim it has the potential to provide a voice for free and democratic discourse in the future, but that sounds a little high-falutin'! We hope users have fun with Zoospeak and share it with their friends.

Your privacy

We take your privacy seriously. All answers are anonymous and only ever presented in an aggregated format (i.e. no one will ever know what your individual response was to a question). However to avoid abuse and ensure data integrity we have to identify people both asking and answering questions. We use Facebook and Twitter authentication services so you don't have to create yet another set of credentials, though you are more than welcome to create a Zoospeak account!

The legal stuff

By using Zoospark you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Questions you ask on Zoospeak may be viewed all around the world instantly
  • Our servers automatically record information created by your use of the Zoospeak. This may include information such as your IP address, browser type, the referring domain, pages visited and search terms.
  • Like many websites, we use "cookie" technology to collect additional website usage data and to improve our Services
  • Zoospeak uses a variety of services hosted by third parties to help provide our services, such as Twitter and Facebook, and to help us understand the use of our services, such as 3rd party analytics services. These services may collect information sent by your browser as part of a web page request, such as cookies or your IP request.
  • We may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time

Your Zoospeak Score and Ranking

Your Zoospark score is calculated by the following rules (Zoospeak may revise this scoring system at any time):

  • 100 points for each of your questions that has at least one answer
  • 500 bonus points for each of your questions that has been rated as a top question by 10 other people
  • 10 points per question you have answered
  • 15 points for each answer to one of your questions
  • 15 points for each question you rate as a top question